On Trend Solutions specialises in the following services.

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Business Process Improvement


BPM - The art of defining, diagnosing, optimising and improving your business.


On Trend Solutions are BP Group certified Process Professionals skilled in multiple process improvement methodologies. Our process improvement service targets these imperatives:


  • Make your processes more efficient, reduce waste and slash operational costs.

  • Improve your delivery quality and timeframes. Get real results to share with your Customers.

  • Understand the true commercial value of your new business process.


Solution Architecture


Solution Architecture will define your solution and depict your success. On Trend Solutions will ensure your design achieves:


  • A vast improvement on your current environment

  • Best value delivering the highest return on your investment

  • Appropriate use of the immerging technologies

  • Integrated into your landscape to the fullest extent possible

  • Safe, Secure and always available for you and your Customers.

Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing impacts 3 main areas of your IT world.


Infrastructure - Servers & Networks

Platforms - Email & Intranets

Software - Applications you use to do your business e.g. a CRM or Accounting package


There are fantastic cloud bound opportunities available in these areas with real world benefits. On Trend Solutions will help you understand and achieve the benefits of Cloud computing.

Dev Ops


On Trend Solutions can supply technical experts to build your software and look after it. A small cross functional DevOps team will deliver great value due to it's agility and capability to cover vast areas of the Software Delivery process including:


  • Capture Business Requirements

  • Technical Design

  • Software Development / Coding

  • Unit and Systems Testing

  • User Acceptance and End to End Testing

  • Deployment Implementation and Production Verification QA.

  • Hyper care and Warranty

  • Ongoing Technical Support and Maintenance.

  • Technical Change Management


Ask On Trend Solutions for further information about how a DevOps team can deliver amazing IT Solutions for you.




Database Development


On Trend Solutions have Microsoft Certified Database Experts who can tackle all matters of database design, development , implementation and administration. Our Expertise include:


  • Best Practice Design and Development of Business Grade Databases.

  • Design and Build suitable infrastructure and implement your database solution on it.

  • Migrate Databases to the Cloud.

  • Diagnose problematic databases and rectify issues.

  • Tune Up poor performing databases and improve it's the overall responsiveness and operation.

  • Integrate Databases with other applications and external sources of information.

  • Warehouse data and lay the foundations for Business Intelligence applications.

  • Conduct Data analytics. Understand the data and unlock its true value.

  • Supply portals using apps, sites and reports to access your business grade databases.

Automation & Integration

Within the IT world, Automation and Integration often go hand in hand. There are huge benefits to be had. Why do something your IT systems can do for you?


As businesses grow, small manual tasks can become large and sophisticated ones. This is exacerbated further when your use of IT systems becomes larger and more complex.


Typically this transpires to lots of data entry or use of clumsy entry level automation systems. Business have difficulty keeping their systems in sync with each other and volumes of effort is exerted in this endeavour.


On Trend Solutions understands these evolving landscapes and works with you to Automate the old manual tasks and get your systems talking and sharing the required information. These style of solutions delivery huge labour cost savings and improve the quality of information within the business.